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// Why AR-4U?

Welcome to AR-4U

Experience the transformative power of technology with our revolutionary AR-4U application designed to redefine shopping. Discover the cutting-edge features that allow you to effortlessly scan products and transform them into interactive 3D models. With AR-enabled links and unique QR codes generated for each item, users can virtually place furniture in their rooms, unleashing a world of design possibilities and enabling them to explore various combinations of colors and styles in an unprecedented way.


AR-4U enables worldwide users to have extraordinary and interactive augmented reality experiences directly through their web browsers, eliminating the need for app downloads.


AR-4U unleashes creative freedom to users by empowering them to visualize products with immersive and interactive experiences.


Immerse yourself in app-free augmented reality experiences. No downloads are required – simply access AR directly through your browser and embark on extraordinary journeys.

About WebAR

WebAR, also known as web-based augmented reality, revolutionizes how we experience augmented reality (AR) by seamlessly integrating it into web browsers. This technology introduces exciting opportunities to engage users in extraordinary and interactive experiences, regardless of their location, without the need for a dedicated app. With Web AR, you can effortlessly implement and oversee visualization solutions for research and development, field sales, eCommerce, training, etc. Say goodbye to the complexities of developing in-house AR solutions because Augment offers everything from high-quality 3D content to finely-tuned AR experiences.

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Our Services

Get AR-enabled 3D product links at unbeatable prices

Upload your product's 3D model data along with your logo through our intuitive AR dashboard, and receive a visually stunning AR-enabled 3D model viewer link from our powerful AR Panel.

Your 3D data is safe

Rest assured, our platform guarantees absolute safety for your product's 3D data. Your 3D models are securely stored and can only be shared within our platform. Downloading is disabled to maintain data integrity and prevent unauthorized access. We prioritize the protection of your valuable designs while providing seamless collaboration and sharing capabilities. Trust us for a secure 3D data environment that respects your intellectual property.

Amplify eCommerce sales and boost engagement

Enable customers to experience products at their home in real size through augmented reality, fostering confidence and driving purchases directly from eCommerce apps of retailers.




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